• Reservations will be made only online, they will not be accepted via email.
  • The reservation day can be chosen a maximum of 7 days in advance. Every day a new day opens.
  • All our sits are inside.  We do not have a terrace.
  • We don’t have phone. To specify an Important Comment please email us at specifying it, because we don’t have phone. For example: If you come in a wheelchair.
  • Our tables are maximum for 4 people, Bardeni is not a restaurant to come in a group for service reasons. We do not do any type of group (more than 4 people) either at one table or spread over several tables. Do not make several reservations with the intention of coming together, we reserve the right to cancel them.
  • Out of consideration for the rest of the diners, we require that children who come to Bardeni be over 8 years old. Due to the dimensions of the room and the separation between tables, we do not have space for baby strollers.
  • We don’t accept pets.
  • We do not have a tabletop service (neither spirits nor distillates)
  • After 15 minutes of courtesy your reservation will be canceled. If you are delayed, please let us know by email.
  • The credit/debit card must be entered as a guarantee to validate the reservation. You will not be charged initially. The reservation is subject to a cancellation policy.
  • IMPORTANT: Once the credit card has been entered, DO NOT CLOSE THE BARDENI WEBSITE WINDOW, go to your bank’s window to confirm the operation (if necessary) and then return to the open page where you were making the reservation, so that it remains finished. Automatically you will receive the reservation confirmation email. If you do not receive the email, it is because you have not inserted the card correctly. If you want to make a reservation again, because the card has not been inserted correctly, you will see that the system tells you that it is already registered, but you will have to wait about 15 minutes, which is the time the operation is blocked, to make the reservation again.
  • Thank you very much for your help


Kitchen hours
(customer reception)
Monday to Saturday
13:15 to 14:30
Thursday and Friday
20:00 to 21:30

Maximum closing time
lunch 16:00
dinner 23:00
(We do not have a tabletop service, neither spirits nor distillates)

Underground: line 2 and line 5 station Sagrada Familia

Bus: line 33, 34, D50 and H10 bus stop Valencia-Lepant

Possible parking:
Parking Manhattan – c/ Aragó 425
Parking Toyota – c/ Aragó 465-473
Parking BSM Mercat Sagrada Familia – c/ Mallorca 425
Parking Bond – c/ Mallorca 423
Parking Sagrada Familia – Pl. Sagrada Familia 9